In the past, advertising for entrepreneurs and small businesses meant door to door, paper flyers, penny savers, and if you could afford it, radio and television commercials. While these techniques are still being used, they’re no longer the most efficient.

Today we'll briefly discuss the biggest benefits of Social Media Marketing and Advertising:

👁 Content 📸 Awareness 🌐 Visibility 👁

Content 📸 The most important part. From quality to consistency, content says so much about a brand these days. Feeds are saturated with junk and tons of digital media is shared daily. Investing in professional content production, and management, keeps you standing out from the mess.  

Awareness 🌐 Sharing is the new word-of-mouth. A customer might forget they came across you on the street, but if you’re on social media they can connect and follow you. Consistently making the world aware of your product or service, on a daily basis, builds local awareness, broadens influence, and expands sales to an international market.

Visibility 👁 What's visibility? Your platforms. Today, more customers look up and purchase directly through social media pages. This generation doesn’t care how long you’ve been in business, or how great your deals are, if the message isn’t professionally communicated on social media. Promoting your handles, and running paid ads, are a big waste if they lead back to neglected social media pages with poor content. 

With an adequate budget, a startup can swiftly put themselves in the position to compete with its fortune 500 competitor. A struggling mom & pop can re-brand and grow its local influence. A sales agent can solicit to a much broader audience, and all of this can be done by implementing social media into your marketing plan.

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