Between staying connected with loved ones, learning new recipes, keeping up with politics and current events, 2020 has set the tone for how we’ll continue to use social media in 2021. As new trends and platforms emerge, the demand for brands to be present, create and engage will rise. Here are a few things to focus on:

#1 Video Content Is Becoming A Fan Fave

One thing you can expect to never change when it comes to social media, is the need for content and it’s evolution! As social media continues to dominate the marketing game, the pressure is on for brands to stay in the race. Unlike a photo or long winded caption, video content allows you to capture a viewer’s interest in just a few seconds. It’s extremely enjoyable and easy to consume.

#2 The New Generation of Creators

We don’t recommend finding comfort in posting just to post. This philosophy can have a major impact on your brand, and mis-represent your image, product or service. The success of content marketing lies in the ability to compress information into beautiful posts. Attractive enough to capture interest and nice enough to leave them wanting more. Consumers are constantly on the ‘scroll’ for the NEW! Today, it isn’t about expensive equipment or veteran resources, it’s about creative ideas, and how good or entertaining you make it.

#3 Instagram with SEO Advantages

Instagram is becoming more “search friendly” without the use of hashtags. A user can type a keyword into the search bar and relevant profiles, videos and posts will appear. If you’re doing a good job with consistently creating content that’s relevant to your niche, Instagram will be able to properly categorize your account and make it easier for your target audience to find you. Be sure to include relevant keywords in your bio and in the captions of your posts.

#4 Engagement Enhances Growth

If you want to continue growing on social media, engagement must be a factor in your strategy. And we don’t mean the generic, boring, “get the job done” type of engagement. We’re talking about genuine, authentic connection. You may want to delegate this task to someone on your in-house team who has a great personality and truly enjoys connecting with people in a personalized manner. This is a job within itself. An important one at that!

#5 The Great Shift

Facebook marketplace has been around since 2016 however it wasn’t until the 2020 pandemic that brick & mortars everywhere were forced to shift online. Unfortunately, several businesses went under before making the transition but the ones who pivoted with the market are seeing the benefits of e-commerce selling. An online presence puts a business in touch with eyes nationally and worldwide. Social media connects brand's with consumers a store-front would never have the opportunity to reach. With the shut down of restaurants, gyms, salons, movie theaters and more, the adaptation to doing business online is a must. Allocating a realistic marketing budget for social media management and content production is the only way to keep your business thriving in today's economy, and is the key to representing your image, product or service.

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