In the day and age where it’s simple for a business to get started on social media, we draw the line between what’s professional photo content and what’s not.

Mobile devices make it easier than ever before to capture a picture, but it’s the execution that says everything about your brand. Visual branding is the most significant part of social media marketing It’s what sells consumers your image, and differentiates you from competitors in the industry.

When considering the investment you should make in content, keep in mind it represents your business, and investing in professional production pays off when it comes to sells.  Neglecting to invest in professional content might indicate that your business is careless about its brand, product and even service -- It might also indicate that you're unaware of the times, which is a bad sign. 

Content can help create a positive or negative perception of your brand, and if you don’t think consumers can tell the difference between professional and amateur production, think again.

What's the difference between an amateur and pro? Execution With minimal resources, professional photographers can bring spaces and products to life in ways an amateur wouldn't be able to.

Here's a great example:

Photographer Jenna Martin, did a photoshoot inside Lowes Home Improvement store using nothing but her model, what was around them, and her camera Look at how an overlooked location using minimum props was executed by a professional vs. amateur.

(More info. petapixel)

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