I read an article about business owners in Studio City, California who were recently fined for hanging “We’re Open” banners on their property. Mayor Garcetti later retracted and dismissed the issued fines. However, one of the business owners expressed that since the COVID-19 shutdown, business had decreased 70%. This particular business owner had to let go of almost a dozen of his employees and he fears that after 6 years of ownership the business that he and his family built may not survive.

Reality is, as a local brick-and-mortar store you can no longer rely on foot traffic for business. You must place yourself where consumers are. As the saying goes, “Old Ways Don’t Open New Doors'', and the old ways of doing business are long gone and will not be returning. If you’re not consistently promoting your products or services on social media and actively engaging with consumers, chances of closing for good may be on the horizon. 

Hanging a “We’re Open” banner is a good way to let the community know you’re in business, however, an active engaging presence on social media is what will keep you on the minds of consumers everywhere. More people are scrolling and searching for what they want rather than driving around looking for something to do or eat. And with social media being a saturated market place, investing in quality content production and promotional services will make you stand out from the competition and stay relevant. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we’re in a pandemic that we all want to survive. And regardless of the amount of years in business, business is still business. It has always been a game of ‘survival of the fittest’. Either you adapt to change, or you make way for the new and innovative competition who will. Businesses need marketing strategies that will help them through the economic transition we are undergoing. You need what every business needs. Digital Awareness.

Social media is the hottest marketing tool. With consumers on the scroll, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your business shows up on feeds with vibrant and informative content. Reminding them that you’re there to serve their needs.

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