Are you juggling between hiring in-house or going with an outside agency? If you are, here’s a bit of advice that’ll save your company both time and money.

Social media for business isn’t about posting, it’s about creating and managing. Regardless of in-house or agency, every brand needs a marketing team and budget. The two most important parts of social media marketing for business are content production, and content management. A senior level graphic designer, professional photographer, and senior level social media manager are necessary for every small business. 

Hiring in-house can be a hassle, and here’s why :

1️⃣ ) Recruiting entry level without senior level management is a big waste, and most times newbies are assigned other task that take away from their job.

2️⃣ ) According to Glass Door, senior level social media managers earn up to $69,783 / per year.

3️⃣ ) Under paid and in-experienced employees will cost more than it’s saving you.

There are several benefits going with an agency, including assured professionalism and execution. Consider this when it comes to your social media presence. It isn’t something you want to hand over to just anyone.

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