The first post for a business is like the opening of a store-front. Same impression, different dimensions. First impressions matter and great branding is apart of success — Social media platforms showcase your brand’s image, leaving consumers curious and attracted, or completely turned off. How your business is presented is critical in attracting the interest of new customers, and maximizing the benefits of social media marketing. 

Today, a consumer has multiple choices to browse through when looking to shop. So, what makes your business stand out? People no longer have to visit i.r.l to be converted into customers. With websites and social media you can clearly share who you are, and what you’re offering. Step outside of the box and consider browsing as a consumer. The last thing you'll want to scroll through is a bunch of clutter.

Attracting customers is all about ensuring your feed is inviting, contemporary, clear and consistent. 

Keeping it consistent is key — and one of the most important aspects of marketing. As customers browse from platform to platform, they should experience an aesthetic that remains true to your brand, across all channels. Ensuring that your platforms are well managed and consistent allows customers to identify your brand quickly, and influences their buying decision. 

First impressions last a lifetime — and when it comes to the representation of your business, the importance of a good social media presence should never be underestimated nor compromised.

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