As a sales agent or entrepreneur of any kind: 

🏡 Real Estate

💲 Accounting

🏥 Insurance 

🏦 Finance

⚖️ Legal

➕ Etc. 

working independent, under a firm or agency — You now have the opportunity like never before to brand yourself and build your own audience. 

With today’s scrolling generation, it’s important to have more than just a static website or lead capture page — While these applications are useful, networks are active and allow you to inform, share, notify and educate consumers on a daily basis. Furthermore, outside marketing funnels are 10x more effective when there’s a brand presence on social media, and consumers are more likely to be influenced and buy-in to what you're selling.

We're now living In a digital culture driven by content, and what you share says a lot about who you are — So consider this when it comes to your professional (vs personal) social media presence.

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